Kingdom Focus Conference

A brief look at our modern, sophisticated, technocratic, cyberspace-age world of today can be the source of fear, depression, discouragement, insecurity, and uncertainty. The 21st century seems to be more uncertain than all the previous centuries in history. Planet earth is spinning through the solar system like a spaceship without a compass as it travels on a course to self-destruction. All governments – even the best form we have developed, democracy – have failed to realize the world we keep searching for.


The bible describes an everlasting kingdom, a theocracy – one where Jesus is King and his dominion is from generation to generation. A kingdom that has no end. Jesus taught us to pray that His kingdom would come to earth as it is in heaven.


A conference designed to present the Kingdom of God, through inspired & anointed teaching, preaching and worship of the King. This conference will refocus our minds on the only hope of this world – the Kingdom of God. When you leave this conference, you will be enlightened, empowered, purpose driven and kingdom focused!